For centuries, acupuncture (the stimulation of acupuncture points) has been proven to safely, naturally and effectively treat the body’s “dis-ease”.

What if I told you, now you can do it AT HOME!

What is AcuPatching™ and How Does it Work?

AcuPatching™ is a revolutionary and simple way to stimulate the body’s own healing systems through a combination of light therapy patches and acupuncture points and I am one of the founder members of the AcuPatching™ movement!

LifeWave patches are wearable technology that use the infrared LIGHT of your body to produce biochemical and physiological changes. There are no chemicals, drugs or herbs in the patches.  Constant stimulation of specific acupuncture points with light actives anti-oxidants and peptides in the body to support its natural healing process.

Learn more from this YouTube video:

Why Choose AcuPatching™ ?

  • I hate needles!
  • I have children who need treatment.
  • I want to continue the healing effects of my acupuncture treatments.
  • I want to feel empowered in my healthcare choices.
  • I don’t have an amazing acupuncturist in my area.
  • I can’t afford regular treatments in the clinic.


What you need to know!

What are LifeWave patches?

LifeWave patches are a blend of amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, and natural organic compounds which effectively reflect light projected from bodies back to naturally promote and support healing. Think the light of the sun, promotes vitamin D in the body. Same concept!

What is AcuPatching™ used for?

AcuPatching™ for headaches, pain relief, hormonal balancing, insomnia, immune support, increase sports performance, low energy, anxiety and much more.

The question is what can’t they do?

Is it easy to use?

YES! The patches are applied to the skin just like a band-aid. The adhesive is hypoallergenic, but if you have sensitive skin or want to use on your children, then you can patch clothing, hats and sheets at night. Patches last 24 hours and then are removed or replaced.

Here is a video illustrating immune support protocol to show you how easy it is:

Two Powerful AcuPoints for Immunity (acupressure and AcuPatching™ ):

Are they safe?

YES! I started using these in my acupuncture practice primarily for children, but the healing impact was good I used them on everyone now. 70+ studies show that the materials in the patch do not enter into the body. Patches are registered by the FDA and approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Light therapy has been used for decades and is safe for ALL AGES!

How do I order patches?

It is so easy! Click HERE for directions to purchase your enrollment kit now.  Want to know what to order? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Devon to design a patching protocol that works for you.