Do you suffer chronic headaches or migraines? Acupuncture by Devon can help.

Acupuncture is more effective than medication in reducing the severity and frequency of chronic headaches, according to a new analysis conducted by Duke University Medical Center researchers.  I have treated several patients with debilitating headaches successfully. After receiving acupuncture treatments, patients were able to manage headache pain on their own by incorporating deep breathing techniques, increasing water intake and decreasing overall stress.  In most cases, patients were pain free after regular treatment.  For others, they were able to reduce overall prescription medications and no longer had to take sick leave from work due to their chronic headaches or migraines.

How does acupuncture treat headaches?

Check out a great blog post by my colleague and Thrive Wellness owner, Adam Fuller to learn more about the strategic way in which headaches are treated by acupuncture.

Hear what Deborah and James have to say!

“I suffer from migraines…About 2 months ago I had a horrible migraine for a month…I couldn’t see very well…constant pain and I went to the Doctor’s 3 different times and none of the prescribe meds worked. I even bought maeng da kratom capsules that are well-known for reducing chronic pain.  The medication made it worse.  Devon was my alternative choice to seeing the neurologist and getting an MRI.  My pain was a 12 (10 being the highest) and when I left Devon I was a 4 until I came back couple days later then I was pain free.  I see Devon once a month and I am pain free!  I would highly RECOMMEND this place for any type of pain management. THANK YOU DEVON!!” ~ Deborah

“I was referred to Devon by a co-worker due to the severity of migraines that I get. Yes I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but Devon was so knowledgeable and professional and gave me extensive information, I felt like there was hope. After a couple of appointments I noticed a slight decrease in the pain, then after a few more treatments, Devon had the migraines down to a couple a week which was HUGE coming from where I was at the beginning of the treatments . So I would definitely recommend Devon to anyone for her expertise. She is very good at what she does . Give her a try, I am confident she can help you too!!” ~ James