Gua sha, an ancient Chinese therapy, is one of my favorite treatments for kids suffering asthma, allergies and outbreaks of eczema. It is easy to do at home and relaxing for your child! I want to share with you that I am also learning about immunotherapy for allergy care!

How does it work?

By applying gua sha, we are stimulating acupuncture points that boost the immune system and increase blood flow to the lungs to improve lung function.  We also are clearing heat from the body as seen by the redness that appears during gua sha.  This technique can also relieve a fever or calm a child who is experiencing irritability when sick. Apply this technique once a day for about 5 minutes until you see your child’s symptoms are improving.

What do you need?

The supplies you need are simple!

  • Tool: specific tools can purchased or if you have a baby food jar lid that works too.
  • Lubricant: olive oil, coconut oil, massage lotion or jojoba oil.
  • Essential Oil: this is optional. Peppermint and lavender are both excellent for improving lung function. Add 1-2 drops in the oil or lotion before applying to the back.

How to Video

I have prepared a short how to video to easily guide you through and watch your kid’s health improve before your own eyes.