Five Easy Ways to Treat Teething Babies

Around the sixth to eighth month of a baby’s life, the deciduous or baby teeth begin to emerge.  This can be painful and uncomfortable for the baby, as well as the parents. And once the first one appears, there are nineteen more to come. This process can last until the [...]

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2014 San Diego Award for Acupuncture

We did it again! Acupuncture by Devon has been selected two  years in a row for the San Diego Awards for Acupuncture and now is entered into the San Diego Business Hall of Fame. Thank you to my amazing patients who have supported me! I am grateful. ---------------------------------------------- Press Release FOR [...]

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Kick Your Orthotics Habit

What happens when your foot doesn’t have a normal arch when standing? Plainly put you have “flat feet,” or more technically, “pes planus.” This condition can be painful, both to the foot itself, in addition to the surrounding muscles such as the calves. While most people don’t suffer directly from heal [...]

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Acupuncture by Devon Receives 2013 San Diego Award

San Diego Award Program Honors the Achievement SAN DIEGO September 2, 2013 -- Acupuncture by Devon has been selected for the 2013 San Diego Award in the Acupuncture category by the San Diego Award Program. Each year, the San Diego Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional [...]

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Yes, it’s Winter!

The holiday season has come to an end and a new year looms before us! New Year’s resolutions often present the question of what can I do to be healthier this year than last.  Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains that optimal health is found by living harmoniously with the seasons. So when it is cold outside often [...]

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Ancient Arts of Cupping and Moxibustion

Acupuncture is just one of many methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve patient health and well-being. You may have heard of “cupping” and perhaps even moxibustion and wondered what they were all about. Cupping and moxibustion are complementary therapies and have been used in combination with acupuncture for [...]

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