According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, breast health (for both men and women) is dependent on the free flow of qi (or vital energy) in liver, lung, heart, and stomach meridians.  There are many causes for the blockages of this energy flow. Negative emotions such as stress, frustration, resentment, unresolved anger, as well as exhaustion can play an important part in the development of all types of breast disease. When the emotions persist, a lack of movement in the qi of the Liver Channel is observed. The Liver channel is influential in managing stress and is involved in almost every aspect of our overall health. Liver qi stagnation, left untreated, can deplete the energy from the channels in our bodies. The result is the development of lumps both benign and malignant.

The best proactive treatment against breast disease is to find a way to relax and keep health circulation of the breast.  You may consider:

  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • light cardio exercise
  • meditation
  • guided imagery

To promote circulation, we also recommend a simple breast massage of 50-100 light circles in each direction over the breast tissue and underarm to circulate the lymph glands. Most importantly, get a check-up! Make sure to get your yearly OB/GYN exam and explore new technologies such as thermography to become informed of your breast health. It is important to mention that this is a disease that is not exclusive to woman alone, although the occurrences in men are significantly less. If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer or are currently in remission, please contact Acupuncture by Devon to discuss how acupuncture and herbal therapy can help you!