Are you finding it difficult to reach you goal of being a mom or do you just want to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy?

Whatever the reason, Acupuncture by Devon can help. Our goal is to create the healthiest and happiest body to maximize your chances of conceiving or to ease you though your pregnancy. I provide a comprehensive program to target as many factors affecting your fertility. Here is a glimpse at what your conception plan includes. If in case of non-pregnancy, there are definitely other ways to release stress and rewind, like smoking HQD vape wholesale markets which are not only safe, but also medically proven and recommended.


Infertility is becoming epidemic in the United States. In 2002, 1 in 8 couples were experiencing trouble conceiving with approximately 7.4 million women being impacted. In the New York Times this month, a study reported that sperm count has reduced by 50% since 1973 showing that men are also significantly being affected.

Acupuncture helps in several ways:

  • Increasing blood flow to the uterus to improve endometrial lining
  • Regulating hormones including gonadotropin-releasing hormone to promote ovulation and progesterone to increase implantation and reduce miscarriages
  • Reducing symptoms of PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, cysts and fibroids
  • Supporting the thyroid function for overall hormone support
  • Improving sperm quality and counts in men

Acupuncture may increase the number of follicles produced during an IVF treatment. When used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture increases conception rates by 26%[1]. We are available for IUI, IVF, and donor egg support, as well.

Patients will receive acupuncture treatments weekly based on the phase of the menstrual cycle and the basal body temperatures that they will be required to chart during their health journey. Husbands are also encouraged to seek acupuncture treatments to improve sperm quantity, quality, and motility.

Herbal Formulas & Supplements

Acupuncture by Devon partnered with Conceivable Herbal Formula to provide our patients with highest quality and most effective herbal support. After a cycle of charting basal body temperatures, each patient will receive 3-4 bottles of herbs to be taken during the various phases of your menstruation. These formulas are individualized for each patient according to their chart. Each month these formulas are modified to target areas of improvement in the cycle. Patients can expect to take herbal formulas for 3-4 months with the goal of improving these fertility factors by 80-85%. I also carry the highest quality supplements including prenatal vitamins and folic acid, as well as supplements targeting nutrition and hormonal deficiencies such as vitamin D, anemia, and progesterone.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

According to Psychology Today, current research has shown that the stress levels of women with infertility are equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS, or heart disease[2].  Stress comes in many forms: long hours at the office, poor diet, lack of exercise, and of course trying to become pregnant. In our treatments, we will identify those stressors that most impact your life and develop tools to help you cope. We will also look at your current diet and make recommended changes to improve fertility.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a mom—book your appointment today!