About Dr. Devon

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Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac., DAOM, C.SMA

Dr. Devon became a healthcare professional to work with people, be an educator and make a difference in her patient’s lives by providing an effective, preventative, and non-invasive healthcare solution. Being an acupuncturist allows her to achieve all of these goals. Early on, Dr. Devon earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy and worked as an environmental consultant implementing environmentally sustainable programs throughout the world. During this time, Dr. Devon realized she wanted to focus her passion towards creating a healthy environment to individuals seeking a better quality of life.

In 2006, Dr. Devon was accepted to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She continued her education at the Chengdu University Hospital in the Sichuan Province of China where she worked within an integrated healthcare management system. Most recently, Dr. Devon completed her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM).

Dr. Devon is passionate about her practice and purpose in the healthcare field. Her mission is to be a compassionate listener, provide the highest quality patient-centered treatments and to educate each individual about how they can achieve optimal mental, emotional and physical wellness. She strives in her personal life to reach optimal health and be a role model for her patients. Dr. Devon’s practice is diverse including pain management, sports injuries, fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics, and internal medicine.

Devon currently lives in North Park with her husband, beautiful daughter and three dogs. She likes hiking, reading, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, cooking and spending time with friends and family.