Dr. Devon Vernetti, L.Ac., DAOM, C.SMA

Practicing for a decade, I have assisted thousands of patients, all ages, in reaching and exceeding their wellness goals. I am passionate about my practice and purpose in the healthcare field. My mission is to be a compassionate listener, provide the highest quality patient-centered treatments and to educate families on how to sustain their health outcomes.

Early on, my interest in anatomy and musculoskeletal function lead me to pursue a specialization in Sport’s Medicine Acupuncture.  I use a combination of traditional Chinese Medicine and motor points therapy to alleviate chronic pain, quickly heal acute sport’s injuries and maximize athletic performance.

My expertise in the field of infertility and women’s health flourished when I began share my personal story about my diagnosis of endometriosis and my life long struggle with hormone imbalances. I have coached numerous women through fertility struggles, painful and debilitating menstrual cycles and menopause. I proudly have an acupuncture baby book at the clinic to share the adorable successes my patients achieved.

Treating children became an interest of mine about five years ago and I trained with the world renowned, Robin Green, but my dedication to providing safe, natural and beneficial options to parents strengthened when I adopted my daughter. Evelyn had no prenatal care and was not breastfed, so as a mom I want to provide her with the best strategies to keep her strong and healthy. In my practice, I treat children from infancy to teenage years suffering digestive disorders, asthma, allergies, eczema, sport’s injuries and much more. I also mentor other acupuncturist to become specialist in pediatric acupuncture.

With my education, years of experience, and aptitude for treating multiple conditions, I have impacted many patients lives in positive ways, and I look forward to being part of your family’s journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions, click here.