For over a year, my husband and I tried to conceive with no results. You cannot imagine how disheartening this is. We wanted a child so badly, and nothing we were doing was getting us any closer to having one. We had seen two OB-GYN’s by this point, a specialist, and had had multiple tests run. The stress of trying to conceive alone was weighing down on us, and the multitude of tests I had to endure (many extremely painful) were leaving me physically, as well as emotionally drained. During this time, I found out that I had a T-shaped uterus and that might be hindering my chances of getting pregnant. I was told to continue to try to conceive naturally and have regular blood tests run during the time of my ovulation to see how my hormone levels were. I was also told that fertility drugs were not an option. Some months later with no baby on the way, I was losing hope.

One day I was talking to a friend about my infertility issues, and she told me that her acupuncturist had helped women like me get pregnant. I perked up when I heard this, as I had never considered alternative medicine as an option. She gave me Devon’s card, and I called as soon as I got home. When Devon and I spoke on the phone for the first time, I immediately knew I was in good hands. She exuded a warmth that many people lack. She sounded genuinely concerned for me, and said she wanted to work with me right away. I made an appointment for the following week and nervously anticipated my first visit. I was well aware of acupuncture and its many benefits, but had no idea it could be used to treat issues such as mine. I remember telling my husband that if anything, maybe it would help me to relax. I was so tightly wound by this point – I cried at the drop of a hat, and found that my patience level was frighteningly low. The emotional setbacks during the whole baby-making process were taking its toll.

The day of my appointment my nerves were on high alert and I asked my husband to drive me. The moment I walked into the office, I relaxed. It was such a calm and inviting atmosphere. Then Devon walked out and welcomed me with a warm smile. We went into one of the therapy rooms and did an assessment of my health, needs, and general desires. My main reason for seeking treatment was to conceive, and she was going to try and help me achieve this. She explained what she did, how she did it, and left time for any questions I had along the way. The moment I laid on the table and we began, I knew that this is what I had been missing. Devon knew just what to say and do. My body, so tense for all those long months, began to relax. It was almost like there was magic in her hands. I barely felt the needles going in, and was not scared in the least. Before she left the room, she told me to picture myself happy, and think of the positive things I loved and desired. I did. I laid on that table, allowed myself to relax, and thought of my husband, our sweet dog, my family and friends, and of course, I dreamed of my baby. When I left my first appointment, I was on cloud nine. I didn’t feel as tense or as anxious as I had been feeling. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep on the car ride home!

For a little over a month, I had two treatments a week. During this time, I got to know and love Devon. I looked forward to my treatments and time with her, and felt more positive than I had in months. During each session, she would alternate needles, cupping, and massage, always explaining what she was doing. She listened to my needs, and gave my dietary advice when I found out that my iron levels were very low. If I had questions in-between appointments, she always took my call or answered my emails. She became a trusted friend. The day after my birthday, I took a home pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant. I was elated, to say the least! A week later, my OB confirmed it. The acupuncture had worked! I was thrilled to share the news with Devon, who gave me a huge hug and looked as excited as I was. We continued my treatments, but now worked on keeping the baby happy and healthy while inside me. I remember the day we celebrated a milestone mark with gold “happy baby” needles – she presented them to me at the end of my session and I kept them to place in my child’s baby book. Nine months later, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy we named Alexander.

I cannot say enough positive things about Devon and the treatment she provides. She is a master at her craft, and it’s evident in her work. She is one of the few people I know who is doing something she loves with her life – you can see it in her face, and feel it in her hands. I would highly recommend her services to any woman with infertility issues. Acupuncture changed my life. Thank you, Devon!

Treatment Protocol:

  • Acupuncture treatments once a week for one month
  • Follow up treatments schedule before menstrual cycle and ovulation
  • Modification of diet to increase blood count
  • Maintenance treatments during pregnancy for sciatic pain and nausea