Devon has changed my life in such wonderful ways! She played a very large part in giving me my greatest gift ever – my son. After being on the birth control pill for over 10 years, my body struggled to reregulate on a normal menstrual cycle. I was referred to Devon by a friend who had similar difficulties and who Devon also helped to get pregnant. Devon was warm, compassionate, and showed genuine concern for my health struggles. She gave me a safe place to talk about my problems and to celebrate any step of progress. After 3 weekly sessions, I had my first menstrual period in 4 months, and after 3 months, I was pregnant! I truly believe that this would not have been possible without Devon’s help through acupuncture.  She assisted my body in ovulating and in releasing stress.  I continued my sessions with Devon through the first trimester to help strengthen my pregnancy and my progesterone levels. I also returned at the end of my pregnancy which made a huge impact on my body’s ability to prepare for and manage pain with labor and delivery. Devon also helped to alleviate late pregnancy back pain, disturbances in sleep, and swelling. I will be forever grateful to Devon for the important role she played in my journey to becoming a mother. I highly recommend Devon to any woman looking for a natural solution to health issues.

Jodi S.