My back pain started in Jan 2010 when I threw out my back while improperly stretching. I couldn’t walk straight which indicated there was a serious problem. I went straight to my doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory. Sure it helped with the pain but once the meds wore off I could feel it again. I had heard about Acupuncture from a few friends but I’m not much into needles so I continued to try other methods, two chiropractors, an MRI and another doctor later, with no success. I decided to give it a try.

My friends had recommended Devon. I went to her and became an instant believer. It took only about two sessions and my back pain was elevated and the relief lasted for months. I was able to go skiing and participate in my life again! I recently reinjured by back and went straight back to Devon for treatment, and it worked! Thanks Devon!!

Maria M.