Antonia W.

After having a miscarriage I wanted to make sure that I get the best support for my next pregnancy that I can get. So I saw Devon right before getting pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy. She helped me with morning sickness, stuffy nose, sinus infection and other pregnancy related [...]

2017-01-23T17:40:19-08:00January 23rd, 2017|

Christina B.

I just wanted to say thank you for that treatment last night. I feel better today than I have felt in weeks, and I'm sure your treatment had a significant influence. I appreciate both your compassion as a human being, and your skills as an acupuncturist. You're an incredible woman [...]

2016-07-30T14:48:27-07:00July 30th, 2016|

Shilpa H.

I was initially skeptical about acupuncture but after reading a few reviews, I called Devon for an appointment and just within minutes of speaking to her I felt I wanted to try this. The warmth and genuine concern in her voice will never fail to comfort you.  From the very first appointment [...]

2016-06-28T02:09:38-07:00June 28th, 2016|

Doriot L.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the excellent care you have provided to me, and I compliment your integrative approach which has made, for me, all the difference in the world.  I know I present a sometimes complex case, yet your sensitivity to my varying tolerances for touch has been a welcome [...]

2016-01-25T15:53:33-08:00January 25th, 2016|

Nida M.

We are SO thankful for you, I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing difference you have made in our lives. I truly never believed there would be a day where his skin would be soft and smooth and I could say his eczema was just gone.  Thank [...]

2014-07-02T23:09:01-07:00July 2nd, 2014|

Ron V.

Since my epidural steroid treatment for spinal stenosis nearly two years ago, Devon's monthly treatments have helped to keep me pain free.  Devon has a gentle touch and an engaging bedside manner, especially for us older folks.  For pain relief, Devon is the one!

2014-02-15T22:52:12-08:00February 13th, 2014|

Kerry F.

I have to start off by saying Devon is AMAZING.  My 9 year old son was diagnosed with severe asthma, bronchial and sinus infections 6 years ago.  Over the last 6 years he has treated with several asthma/allergy specialists and has been hospitalized 3 times (twice for a week due [...]

2014-01-15T03:13:11-08:00January 15th, 2014|

James L.

I was referred to Devon by a co-worker due to the severity of migraines that I get. Yes I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but Devon was so knowledgeable and professional and gave me extensive information, I felt like there was hope. After a couple of appointments I noticed a [...]

2014-01-15T03:11:18-08:00January 15th, 2014|

Ciela H.

I have to echo the sentiments about Devon.  So kind and helpful.  I was able to get in for a last minute appointment to get some relief from a very sore hip.  Devon explained everything she was doing and really made me feel at ease.  After searching unsuccessfully for the [...]

2014-01-15T03:10:55-08:00January 15th, 2014|

Deborah G.

What else can I say but AMAZING! DEVON is a Migraine GENIUS! I no longer have health insurance and I go to Devon for all my ailments. Devon is knowledgeable about Alternate medicines especially if you don't want to poison your body with prescriptions from a Western Medicine Doctor. What [...]

2014-01-15T03:10:30-08:00January 15th, 2014|
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