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I just wanted to say thank you for that treatment last night. I feel better today than I have felt in weeks, and I’m sure your treatment had a significant influence. I appreciate both your compassion as a human being, and your skills as an acupuncturist. You’re an incredible woman and so good at what you do.

Christina B.

I have been going to Devon for the past few months having switched from another acupuncture clinic.   Devon has been flexible and very accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments and awesome with helping with insurance.  When dealing with anything in health and wellness ease is key and she optimizes that.  For specific health concerns I was able to get results immediately and as always she is great at managing my stress and anxiety.  Thanks for everything Devon, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Malia S.

I had no previous experience with acupuncture… and I was a little nervous. It turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. I cannot speak highly enough of Devon, she is professional, patient, comforting, and truly the greatest healer I have ever met. I have had needles all over my body (face and head included) and experienced zero pain and remarkable results. I highly, highly encourage anyone who is interested in acupuncture to go to see Devon… she is such a loving, healing, and professional.

Maggie M.

Devon not only provides great patient care, she truly cares for them. She is a dedicated and qualified practitioner and it shows in her clinic. Devon is warm welcoming and genuinely cares for the well-being and health of all who are in her care. I highly recommend her!

Hartley H.

I just had a great treatment with Devon.  I arrived run down and a bit sluggish and left feeling great.  A couple needles, some very relaxing fire cupping, and a little massage and everything feels awesome.  I will definitely make more frequent appointments and recommend Devon to others.

Adam F.

At times I felt mentally block out the stress with my mother’s death, Devon has been a great support to balancing the physical stress with proven results and comfort.  She is easy to talk to, I know she has worked with ages 2/+, and specializes in fertility acupuncture, which I hope to use one day soon. I thank Devon for keeping me together in this time of need.

Tamara L.

If you’re looking for an AMAZING acupuncturist…go see Devon!  She is full of knowledge, professional yet real, and amazing with the needles.  I almost never even feel when she puts them in!  I have been seeing Devon for maybe 4+ months, and must say I’ve never felt better.  I sleep more sound and through the night, my energy is higher, I have more mental clarity, no issues with digestion, and monthly cramps are at a minimum.  As well I even feel that my excess energy/anxiety has vanished I see Devon every 2 weeks for maintenance…this keeps me healthy and balanced and able to take on everyday feeling 100%If your serious about your health then I seriously recommend you get in to see Devon today!

Megan N.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provide in acupuncture.  I have seen such an improvement in my sleep and anxiety. I really appreciate your efforts to improve my overall well-being!

Vivien P.

 Fertility and Pregnancy

After having a miscarriage I wanted to make sure that I get the best support for my next pregnancy that I can get. So I saw Devon right before getting pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy. She helped me with morning sickness, stuffy nose, sinus infection and other pregnancy related symptoms. Besides being a highly skilled acupuncturist she is very compassionate and easy to talk to. I was able to relax deeply during the sessions and really felt like I am in good hands.

Antonia W.

I was initially skeptical about acupuncture but after reading a few reviews, I called Devon for an appointment and just within minutes of speaking to her I felt I wanted to try this. The warmth and genuine concern in her voice will never fail to comfort you.  From the very first appointment she made me feel better in every way. She consults with you , discusses your problems and addresses them in every detail.  After just 2 months of weekly sessions we were pregnant and I continued sessions through out pregnancy. This helped me with having a easy pregnancy and a labor without any complications. Other than blessings of god and my elders, I attribute my positive pregnancy experience to Devon. She is not only the best acupuncturist but a wonderful person who will touch your heart from the time you meet her. Thanks Devon!

Shilpa H.

Well I’m currently in my second trimester of pregnancy, and have had an awful case of morning sickness, which lasts 24 hours a day! This has been no fun. I’ve exhausted all remedies put forward by my Doctor. With that being said, I turned to acupuncture. Thanks to caring friends, Devon was highly recommended.  Ever since coming to Devon, my nausea has lifted, and I feel back to being excited about my pregnancy! Every time I come in Devon makes me feel so relaxed, and calm. Might I also add that the atmosphere far exceeds any doctor’s office, and leaves me in a peaceful state! I appreciate all the effort from Devon!

Amy M

Finding Devon was a true blessing!  After stopping birth control, I had gone 8 months without getting a period.  I was frustrated and feeling powerless and decided to try acupuncture as a means to restore my cycle.  This was my first acupuncture experience and I found it to be very relaxing and therapeutic.  Devon was very warm and easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about the practice.  After four weeks of seeing Devon I got my period and four weeks later learned that I was expecting my first child!  It was a miracle and I attribute it all to Devon!

Alicia S.

I went to Devon during my first trimester in pregnancy. She was extremely professional, and put me at ease immediately. I was not feeling well, due to a combination of nausea and stress. Devon gave me multiple treatments, including moxibustion, massage and acupuncture. She also asked the right questions, and encouraged me to relax. After our sessions, the symptoms I had were alleviated; I felt de-stressed! She also ordered me a Chinese herb to help with nausea. I was delighted to find that it helped tremendously.  I would recommend Devon (and have) without question. She is a very knowledgeable, detail-oriented and talented acupuncturist.”

Cindy C.

Devon has changed my life in such wonderful ways! She played a very large part in giving me my greatest gift ever – my son. After being on the birth control pill for over 10 years, my body struggled to reregulate on a normal menstrual cycle. I was referred to Devon by a friend who had similar difficulties and who Devon also helped to get pregnant. Devon was warm, compassionate, and showed genuine concern for my health struggles. She gave me a safe place to talk about my problems and to celebrate any step of progress. After 3 weekly sessions, I had my first menstrual period in 4 months, and after 3 months, I was pregnant! I truly believe that this would not have been possible without Devon’s help through acupuncture.  She assisted my body in ovulating and in releasing stress.  I continued my sessions with Devon through the first trimester to help strengthen my pregnancy and my progesterone levels. I also returned at the end of my pregnancy which made a huge impact on my body’s ability to prepare for and manage pain with labor and delivery. Devon also helped to alleviate late pregnancy back pain, disturbances in sleep, and swelling. I will be forever grateful to Devon for the important role she played in my journey to becoming a mother. I highly recommend Devon to any woman looking for a natural solution to health issues.

Jodi S.

 Sport’s Injuries and Pain Management

I have thoroughly enjoyed the excellent care you have provided to me, and I compliment your integrative approach which has made, for me, all the difference in the world.  I know I present a sometimes complex case, yet your sensitivity to my varying tolerances for touch has been a welcome part of my  experience.  I have been treating with Dr. Devon and have benefited more from your care during 2015 than I did from all the other Western medicine providers I saw, including top-notch neurosurgeons.  You are simply the best around, and I am grateful to you.

Doriot L.

Since my epidural steroid treatment for spinal stenosis nearly two years ago, Devon’s monthly treatments have helped to keep me pain free.  Devon has a gentle touch and an engaging bedside manner, especially for us older folks.  For pain relief, Devon is the one!

Ron V.

I was referred to Devon by a co-worker due to the severity of migraines that I get. Yes I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but Devon was so knowledgeable and professional and gave me extensive information, I felt like there was hope. After a couple of appointments I noticed a slight decrease in the pain, then after a few more treatments, Devon had the migraines down to a couple a week which was HUGE coming from where I was at the beginning of the treatments .So I would definitely recommend Devon to anyone for her expertise .She is very good at what she does .Give her a try, I am confident she can help you too!!

James L.

I have to echo the sentiments about Devon.  So kind and helpful.  I was able to get in for a last minute appointment to get some relief from a very sore hip.  Devon explained everything she was doing and really made me feel at ease.  After searching unsuccessfully for the past few years, I think I have found myself a new acupuncturist.

Ciela H.

What else can I say but AMAZING! DEVON is a Migraine GENIUS! I no longer have health insurance and I go to Devon for all my ailments. Devon is knowledgeable about Alternate medicines especially if you don’t want to poison your body with prescriptions from a Western Medicine Doctor. What else can I say that everyone else hasn’t without repeating the words to describe the quality of service and comfort you get here. I JUST LOVE DEVON!!~

Deborah G.

Devon really helped me relieve the muscle pain I suffered from a surfing injury. She was friendly and the treatment wasn’t painful in any way. I really appreciate the courtesy and professionalism from this clinic, thanks!

Rich V.

My back pain started in Jan 2010 when I threw out my back while improperly stretching. I couldn’t walk straight which indicated there was a serious problem. I went straight to my doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory. Sure it helped with the pain but once the meds wore off I could feel it again. I had heard about Acupuncture from a few friends but I’m not much into needles so I continued to try other methods, two chiropractors, an MRI and another doctor later, with no success. I decided to give it a try.

My friends had recommended Devon. I went to her and became an instant believer. It took only about two sessions and my back pain was elevated and the relief lasted for months. I was able to go skiing and participate in my life again! I recently reinjured by back and went straight back to Devon for treatment, and it worked! Thanks Devon!!

Maria M.

I was treated for tennis elbow. I’ve never had acupuncture treatment before I met Devon.  I don’t like needles.  Devon knows what she is doing and I feel better after my treatments. Highly recommended!

Rainy S.

On my last trip to San Diego, I was having severe shoulder issues from a replacement shoulder. I went to Devon Vernetti on the recommendation of a friend. I have never looked back. I had never been to an acupuncturist before. She has the perfect training and experience to deal with issues like mine. The combination of sports medicine and acupuncture make her a true gem. After only two treatments, I was back on the golf course and hitting my shots well. I would highly recommend Dawn for any issues you may have. A well trained, caring, and dedicated professional.

Kendall M.

I suffer from migraines…About 2 months ago I had a horrible migraine for a month…I couldn’t see very well…constant pain and I went to the Doctor’s 3 different times and none of the prescribe meds worked.  The medication made it worse.  Devon was my alternative choice to seeing the neurologist and getting an MRI.  My pain was a 12 (10 being the highest) and when I left Devon I was a 4 until I came back couple days later then I was pain free.  I see Devon once a month and I am pain free!  I would highly RECOMMEND this place for any type of pain management. THANK YOU DEVON!!

Debbie G.


We are SO thankful for you, I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing difference you have made in our lives. I truly never believed there would be a day where his skin would be soft and smooth and I could say his eczema was just gone.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Nida M.

I have to start off by saying Devon is AMAZING.  My 9 year old son was diagnosed with severe asthma, bronchial and sinus infections 6 years ago.  Over the last 6 years he has treated with several asthma/allergy specialists and has been hospitalized 3 times (twice for a week due to a severe asthma attack).  He has taken multiple antibiotics for sinus and respiratory infections.  He took Singulair, QVAR, nebulizer with Albuterol & Pulmicort and many doses of prednisone.  On several occasions his O2 level was below 90% and his lung capacity was in the 55-60% range for months on end.

In October 2011 he had a severe attack and his lung capacity dropped to 55%.  He was on antibiotics for 3.5 weeks.  After the round of antibiotics his lung capacity increased to 83%.  In January of this year he had another attack and his lung capacity dropped to 53%. During this time he was on the nebulizer, ZPAC and prednisone.  He had coughing fits that caused him to vomit in his sleep.  After several years of allergy shots and severe attacks I finally found Devon.

My son has treated with Devon for approximately six months. She gave him herbs to increase his immune system and now he doesn’t take any medicine.  She is amazing with the needles and the fire-cupping.  He has had several bronchial and sinus infections since January and has been able to fight them off without being medicated.

Both my son and I think she is absolutely amazing.  The fact that he has been able to boost his immune system and fight off bronchial infections is unreal and all owed to Devon and her knowledge about asthma in children.   I am so thankful to Devon!

Kerry F.