The holiday season has come to an end and a new year looms before us! New Year’s resolutions often present the question of what can I do to be healthier this year than last.  Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains that optimal health is found by living harmoniously with the seasons. So when it is cold outside often the best thing to do is find your scarf and slippers, light a fire, and relax with a good book and peaceful contentment. The body needs it’s time relax, reflect and rejuvenate for the activities of Spring. Winter is a yin season characterized by cold, dampness (or dryness depending on the Santa Anas) and reduced activity. This might be more obvious if we lived in the snowfall of the Midwest, but when it is 70 degrees in the middle of January, residents of San Diego are eager to hit the outdoors. Overexertion in the winter months can lead to increase sickness, fatigue and over all imbalances in the seasons to come. Take this time to purchase local, organic vegetables and make your favorite soup or stews and make sure you have an ample supply of garlic and ginger which are warming herbs for the season. If exercise is a must, hit the gym or an inside class and make sure that you are well covered when you leave to keep from getting sick. It is important to keep you immune system strong during the winter months and the more focused we are on this goal now, the healthier the year will be. Good nutrition, daily vitamins, and acupuncture treatments all assist in the preventing illness. Don’t forget cupping and Chinese herbs are two of the best modalities to combat illness once it has hit. So, until Spring arrives, give your body a break! Eat warm foods, sleep long hours and allow yourself to slow down and take a deep breath. Your body will thank you for it!