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Mapping Treatment Success!

I chose to work with the Acugraph Technology to bridge the gap between ancient healing wisdom and the efficacy of modern-day technology. I see quicker results in treatment and patients gain a big picture understanding [...]

Making a Name in Oakland!

Thank you to Expertise for recognizing the accomplishments of Acupuncture by Devon and awarding us Best Acupuncturists in Oakland 2019. I am honored to have gracious patients who spent the time to tell their success [...]


I was initially skeptical about acupuncture but after reading a few reviews, I called Devon for an appointment and just within minutes of speaking to her I felt I wanted to try this. The warmth and genuine concern in her voice will never fail to comfort you.  From the very first appointment she made me feel better in every way. She consults with you , discusses your problems and addresses them … Read more
Shilpa H.
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