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Mapping Treatment Success!

I chose to work with the Acugraph Technology to bridge the gap between ancient healing wisdom and the efficacy of modern-day technology. I see quicker results in treatment and patients gain a big picture understanding [...]

Making a Name in Oakland!

Thank you to Expertise for recognizing the accomplishments of Acupuncture by Devon and awarding us Best Acupuncturists in Oakland 2019. I am honored to have gracious patients who spent the time to tell their success [...]

Quality Oils Are Important

Essential oils have been used for centuries for perfumes, cosmetics, natural flavoring, religious ceremonies and much more.  However, today the power of the healing aspects of essentials is greatly being realized by health practitioners and [...]


I have thoroughly enjoyed the excellent care you have provided to me, and I compliment your integrative approach which has made, for me, all the difference in the world.  I know I present a sometimes complex case, yet your sensitivity to my varying tolerances for touch has been a welcome part of my  experience.  I have been treating with Dr. Devon and have benefited more from your care during …
Doriot L.